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Abood PLT

Abood PLT started it's life in 2010 as a digital marketing company with the aim to help SME in Malaysia find their footings in the Malaysian digital marketsphere. As we grow, our portfolio grew as well, expanding our services to include event services and business consultation.

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Our Services

Our team with over 20 years of experience in each field pools together to form a cohesive team in helping our clients grow.

Business Management and Consultation 90%
Event Management and Development 80%
Marketing Services 95%
Web and App Development 75%

Business Management and Consultation

We provide business management and consultation service to help small companies that tries to grow in the current competitive arena

Marketing Services

One of our most sought after service is in marketing services, to help our client build a concrete marketing solution that can cover not only the local region but the Asia Pacific region.

Web and App Development

As we move into an Internet of Things world, one of the most sought after aspect of the business world is a great web and app content/system, with our partners, we work to help create the right platform for our client's business to grow.

Event Management

In the past 10 years, as part of the business management services we provide, we also help to create event services to help promote our client's services, from roadshows at malls to international conferences.

Fast support

As the world become smaller through the internet, what helps us stand out in the current marketspace is our service speed, we not only try to give the best to the clients but also at the most efficient pace.

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